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Physical Asset Management, Valuation and Evaluation.

Delphi AnalyTECH  is a leading physical asset management company. We effectively manage physical assets and climate technologies as key assets for the world’s net-zero agenda. We develop, integrate, scale, and manage technological assets to accelerate decarbonization. We have the capacity to innovate quickly and to collaborate across value chains.

As specialists in physical asset management, valuation, and evaluation, we work with small-holder farmers, estate farms, utilities, and corporations in compliance with ISO 55000 and international professional valuation standards hence enabling them to know and manage the total cost of their assets, including CapEx and OpEx, the risks involved in their management, and the fair value of the enterprise and its assets under a changing climate.

Delphi AnalyTECH  offers effective solutions for asset management and valuation. Our dexterity and techniques apply to situations where asset types and conditions vary widely, and in-house engineering and financial skills exist

Our innovative physical asset management enables the reduction of emissions from existing facilities and infrastructure as a major part of the decarbonization agenda.

Our Values

Our Work Is Heavily Shaped by a genuine commitment to development impact


Drinking water systems

The overarching issues with water infrastructure today are aging systems and insufficient funding for replacement. Delphi AnalyTECH ’s asset management strategies is focused on improving access to water supply, sanitation and hygiene for the poor and vulnerable people living in both urban and rural areas.



Delphi AnalyTECH offers solutions for asset management and valuation to farmers, creating opportunities for the introduction of good asset recording systems, ensuring regular maintenance, and identifying critical assets. 


Scaling climate technologies for the world’s net-zero agenda

To reach net zero, our analysis shows that a fair amount of the natural gas that’s now proposed to be used would need to be replaced by zero-carbon energy sources, primarily in the power, manufacturing, chemicals, and buildings sectors. And methane emissions from venting and from fugitive leaks in oil and gas production would need to be curbed significantly.

Physical Asset Management

We optimize asset management (ISO 55000) and integrate asset management data from finance, operations, and plant maintenance departments. Expose assets’ total cost of ownership, CapEx and OpEx, throughout their life cycle. Support physical asset investment and divestment decisions based on total cost of ownership of current and replacement assets.
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