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Delphi AnalyTECH is a leading physical asset management company. We effectively manage physical assets and climate technologies as key assets for the world’s net-zero agenda. We develop, integrate, scale, and manage technological assets to accelerate decarbonization. We have the capacity to innovate quickly and to collaborate across value chains.

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Certified Physical Asset Managers Committed to Excellence

As specialists in physical asset management, valuation, and evaluation, we work with small-holder farmers, estate farms, utilities, and corporations in compliance with ISO 55000 and international professional valuation standards.

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Our innovative physical asset management enables the reduction of emissions from existing facilities and infrastructure as a major part of the decarbonization agenda.
Delphi Analytech offers solutions for asset management and valuation to farmers
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We Are a Value-Driven Organization

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We work assiduously to deliver cutting-edge research, advice, and support. We have the capacity to collect primary data with our in-house survey experts
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